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In recent years, with ever increasing human visual taste, and constantly improve the living standards requirements, ceramic industry is to keep pace, bold innovation, among them, the innovation on the basis of archaize brick out a high-end atmosphere grade ceramic tile, namely imitation marble tiles.

Because the imitation marble brick style is elegant and high-grade, therefore be popular with everybody, in the market also is one of hot selling product.
Combine the fine characteristic of ceramic tile, lifelike marble pattern is one of the biggest bright spot that imitate marble brick. Its surface is an enamel surface with a realistic marble pattern. In general, it avoids the defects of natural marble and compound marble, such as large color difference, high price and long supply cycle. Second, as a kind of archaize brick, the imitation marble brick is mostly matte brick, the anti-skid performance is better, suitable for the family with old people, children. Imitation marble brick use scope is wide, not only confined to the living room, bedroom, study, stair these space, also can be used in the store, collect room, even balcony, toilet, kitchen.

In addition, on the decoration effect, imitation marble tiles are present a vivid imitation marble material design, show a color gradient, texture depth, the effects of the clouds of extremely rich aesthetic feeling, create a special comfortable and pleasant bedroom environment. Its emergence, provides a new choice for the consumer in the decoration material.
However, its wear resistance, hardness is also inferior to marble, as the glaze archaize brick, because the glaze material character of the surface, imitate marble brick can not mill edge chamfer arbitrarily.

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