E-commerce now returns embarrassed ceramic tile e-commerce needs to improve logistics system

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In recent years, the development of the Internet is in full swing, and all the people in the companies jumped on the Internet platform to expand its market space, but it also means that you may encounter stronger competitors and usher in a more intense game. For the ceramic tile e-commerce, they will face the biggest problem is the scale of logistics and after-sales service, which has not been solved completely for many years. If the goods are damaged during transportation, it is very troublesome for consumers to return the goods and make home building materials enterprises "pain in the heart".

One, the e-commerce is most afraid to encounter returns

Learned, double 11 after a year, consumer complaints about the home products will, for example, in 2013, brand household enterprises in Tmall refund rate soared, many household enterprises in double refund rate rising after 11. In 2014, Tmall double 11 home sales performance good business still did not get rid of the difficulty, the popular household brand was almost invariably received by consumers. And according to market research, the consumer is after double eleven, the most afraid of is ceramic tile return problem, because ceramic tile product is not small piece, return to rise often express is main problem. For electricity businessman return is also plagued by letting a person, a lot of ceramic tile manufacturers after a electricity, return caused by the size problem, remove the part and negotiation always for consumers and companies to deal with.

The electric business returns very awkward ceramic tile e-commerce needs to improve the logistics system

Ii. How to strengthen the future of ceramic tiles

At present, the majority of merchants have "conditions attached" to the return requirements of household products: customers bear the upfront costs of freight, packaging, service charge, installation and other expenses. Custom home is not returnable.

To this, the home outfit of jd home furnishings is such testimony, this year double 11 each household brand is introducing promotion activity, pay more attention to strengthen the service link. For this, ceramic tile enterprise is no exception. In response to the problem of delayed delivery, this year, many home building materials brands and home decoration platforms are deliberately avoiding double 11, and some tile brands have been on sale since the end of October. In addition, several big tile brands of Tmall have launched long-distance transport + tongcheng distribution + moving tower (less than 7 floors below) + installation (unpacking/stitching installation) and other supporting services. If the merchant fails to perform the service, the customer will be paid 200 yuan per order.

When consumers think they can pick up the big bargain, the problem immediately appears, the goods are delivered, the consumer is really satisfied? At present only 8% of consumers shopping household building materials product satisfaction, so high sales do not represent the final victory, ceramic tile products has obvious particularity, the company sales and service can effectively reduce the high rate of return.

Future ceramic tile and other household building materials enterprises can not only focus on the sales volume, to the sales and services and the direction of development.

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