The new method enters the building material industry ceramic tile enterprise should be careful

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On October 21, 2015, "healthy development of building materials industry and protection of consumer rights and interests" was kicked off in Beijing. This activity mainly focuses on protecting the interests of operators and consumers and strengthening the legal consciousness of both sides. Carnival "double a" shopping, all the people in the enterprise rubbing their hands poised, electricity hot increased disputes resulting from online shopping, online market is much less than the offline strict market specification, online business should pay more attention to the good faith management, immediate interests will only a flash in the pan, fleeting, only the healthy continuous operation rule, to the long-term development, ceramic tile enterprises also need to be so.

State administration for industry and commerce of consumers' rights and interests protection bureau Yang Gongcan on-site interpretation, he said, household building materials industry will guide "whole construction machinery" to study the effect is very strong, so the relevant consumer complaints have been respected. In 2014, there were 40,000 consumer complaints about renovation materials handled by the industry and Commerce Department, up 24 percent from the same period last year, while the number of decorative decoration complaints handled by the industrial and commercial departments increased by 37 percent year-on-year, according to Yang. According to the complaint, household consumption mainly involves building materials products quality, environmental protection and return and service after-sale problems, such as "it should be fully appreciated by household building materials industry operators" Yang Gongcan said.

The new method enters the building material industry ceramic tile enterprise should be careful

Then, in view of the new "elimination" should enjoy the rights of consumers, namely the operator should fulfill the duty of, Yang Gongcan 13 important content are analyzed, among them, he stressed that with the development of the Internet, electricity business channel, the online shopping consumer disputes emerge in endlessly, generated by the new "elimination" specific provision, should meet the requirements of consumers the unconditional return within 7 days.

Chinese collaborators when host activity, vice President and secretary general wen-bin Yang, at present our country private enterprises accounted for more than 96% of the market main body, in the vast number of new increase in private business operators "elimination" propaganda, make the operator knows law, consciously abide by the laws and regulations, operate in accordance with the law, the good faith management, to create a fair competition market order and security trust of consumption environment, for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises and consumers' legitimate rights and interests protection is of great significance.

In the ceramic industry, there are few large companies that are electrocuted. The second is that there are many problems in the process of transportation and installation of ceramics, which can be easily lost and uneven.

According to the understanding, the new "the law" put forward the requirement of unconditional return of goods within 7 days, it is difficult for ceramic tile product to carry out. The demolition and packing of tiles and other products require professional operation. It is difficult to operate if consumers are not equipped with certain technical capabilities. In addition, the consumer pays return logistics cost and packing involved, including the logistics cost is about 10% - 10% of the product price, packing occupy about 5%, so it would return the cost would be high.

For consumers, the hard condition of returning a seven-day return is the buyer's commitment to shipping back and forth, which seems fair to both buyers and sellers. But not like ceramic tile products such as clothing, shoe bag and other goods logistics costs frequently hundreds of yuan, in the event there is no reason to return, means that the consumers to hundreds of dollars for no loss of freight, but also to tear open outfit contact workers handling logistics transport, and this often leads to consumer "strike teeth swallowed into the belly," go away or find some sellers compensation fees, eventually making legal protection become a "bubble", the beautiful.

Despite the convenient and efficient shopping experience and low operating costs, make the electricity in the process of coping with a physical stores gradually dominate, but ceramic tile enterprises in the development of electrical business, still need to pay attention to after-sales service. Because ceramic tile is not FMCG products, the complexity of the after-sale link is higher, merchants if there is no online platform for professional logistics, installation and after-sales service as the foundation, it is difficult to obtain registration service consumers.

Ceramic tile electricity, in short, although difficult road and difficult, as long as companies focus on product ceramic tile, make consumers feel at home, the sincerity, in addition to improve the user's shopping, is more advantageous to ceramic tile good enterprise brand image.

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