Franchise Condition

1、Legal personality or natural person with legal qualification.

2、 Possessing business ethic and good business reputation without bad business record.

3、Agreeing with the position and target of Tangxuantao Brand. Possessing strong cooperative desire and confidence.

4、Possessing steady operation team and strong awareness of customer service as well as excellent capacity for service.

5、Possessing brand operation idea and loyalty to Tangxuantao with skills of marketing expansion and sale.

6、Shaping good franchise store image: exhibition hall should be located in the busy district or building materials market, such as the main entrance to building materials market and busy blocks or near the busy blocks.

7、Obeying the unified rules about Tangxuantao Brand franchise store. According to the Tangxuantao Brand unified standard to design,decorate the terminal franchise store image and advisement image. eg. outdoor advertisement,network promotion and other advertisement around building materials market.

8、Positively participating in all kinds of Tangxuantao systematic training. Strictly performing the required brand standard,price standard and preferential policies. Do not reduce price without the official permission and damage the interest of  Tangxuantao Brand image.

9、Possessing enough economic power.

Franchise Support

Brand Image Support

1、Tangxuantao Brand propagation and new product promotion support
2、Network media support,such as official PC website as well as smart phone website, Wechat and electronic trade platform :Alibaba, Made in China,etc.
3、Providing unified VI brochures, training manuals about shop operation, supplementary documents.

Design Support

1、Providing appropriate allowances.
2、Providing unified program about standard SI design, such as decoration,layout,lighting  and matching indoor ornament of store.

Management and Operation Support

1、Regular visit to confirm product and service which are consistent with Tangxuantao headquarter.
2、In response to feedback of the visit of franchise store, providing analysis of sales condition and effective proposal about marketing improvement.
3、Providing unified VI brochures, training manuals about shop operation, supplementary documents.

Training Support

1、Training of product knowledge and product display layout.
2、Training of marketing idea and marketing technique.
3、Training of internal personnel management skills.

After- sales Support

1、Providing perfect program of product supply service system.
2、Providing fast and smooth logistics service system proposal.
3、Providing considerate after-sales customer service.


Joining Process

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